XX Easiest Sewing Projects for Beginners who already have Good Taste

So, you’ve collected everything in the sewing basics kit and completed our beginner sewist course.

Now it’s time to get sewing! Here is our top XX list of quick, simple, cute and fun projects. Just perfect for the complete beginner:

  1. Start at the very begiining – with a foolproof and versatile Drawstring Bag from See Kate Sew
  2. You might prefer an Ultra-Simple Pillowcase – your choice from four easy patterns
  3. Or, a flirty retro apron
  4. Useful burp cloths
  5. Perhaps the Drawstring Pyjama Pants from Made Everyday
  6. An excellent pattern for an Easy, Durable Tote Bag
  7. Got A Zipper Problem? Face Your Zip-Sewing Fears with this easy to make, Irresistiby Cute Pencilcase
  8. Kid’s Belts – so very easy
  9. Relaxation Eye Pillows from Yoga Journal
  10. Spruce up an old chair with a fresh foam cushion cover
  11. Soft Block Baby Toys from Abby Glassenberg at While She Naps or these ones from Wren Homemade
  12. Lots of idea for baby headbands
  13. Cable-Sweater-to-Beanie Transformation
  14. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch
  15. Baby blanket
  16. …or… the Stacking Ring Toy for Babies
  17. Retro Style Caravan Pincushion
  18. Reusable Snack Bags with Nifty Window from Larissa Another Day
  19. Use clever fabric ideas to make a
  20. Sew your own cover for your favourite mobile device
  21. Fifteen minute, no-zip skirt
  22. Hand warmers
  23. Master the versatile Circle Skirt
  24. Some inspiration for a simple, interactive felt chain toy for toddlers
  25. Love the Environment with the Ultimate Guide to Reusable Baby Nappies/Diapers (plus some practical tips for keeping them nice)
  26. Very cool Discovery Bags from Aussie Pumpkin Patch
  27. The Easiest DIY Apron. Ever. With No-Sew Option. Just in case.
  28. And, when you’re not sure just what to do with all your leftover scraps, buy a value glue gun and make these cute mini felt birds – use them as magnets, lavendar sachets, gift tags, or anything else you can dream up!
  29. Or, you could make a memory bear to preserve a beloved fabric forever.
  30. Rainbow Baby Quilt
  31. Lots of ideas generally, good taste: https://www.brit.co/easy-sewing-projects/
  32. Throw cushions

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